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Mutton Chops?

Where do you get mutton chops other than the Beautification Factory in Bowerstone Market? (I married the stylist there, she divorced me, and then left the region, leaving the shop completely unattended.) Or how do I get her to come back or get someone else to become the stylist there?

Shinobi_99 provided additional details:

I need mutton chops though. The one in Bloodstone does not have it. Do I need to sleep for 7 days to get the shop to get more hairstyles in stock?

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blizzrd92 answered:

Tthe stylist lady on knothole island has mutton chops i believe
i saw them there anyway
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menalaos1971 answered:

There is another beauty salon in Bloodstone. It is on the left side of town (from the waterfront). It is up the hill between the house of T.O.B.Y. and Reaver's manshion.
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DarkPhantomLord answered:

go to the appearence shop in Bowerstone Market you should get it there along with the handlebar moustache
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SabatasWill answered:

the only way i have found to "restore" a shopkeeper is to buy the shop and rent it out, which, for most shops, is done as soon as you buy it.

buying it would evict the owner, and renting it will restore a new one.

i did it with the "Pants!" Store after the quest to kill the owner, and it worked just fine.
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puwas answered:

No but mutton chops have a diffrent name its known as the chops .
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Xx0Neji0xX answered:

Mutton chops and chops are the same thing. They just added that Mutton part to get on ur nerves. Chops is all u need
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