Question from sethyboy0

How far back will it set me?

So I am doing the mission where you go to the crucible and I just got into the town.

I want to go back to Bowerstone and buy potions, as the journey through the balvarines really kicked my arse.

The problem is, when I try to quick travel, it tells me that Hammer cannot come and I would have to redo the quest.

How much of the quest must I redo?
Am I close to being able to leave (quest-wise)?
Is it worth going back, or should I buy food?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Boot_Bunny1 answered:

Just walk up to the Crucible and you will hear a conversation, after that you can quick travel.
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Shredzilla421 answered:

Or you can go inside the crucible and like in the first fable your able to trade and buy before you actually go in and fight
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