Question from edm85

Where can I find the knothole island book 2 at?

I have all but the second book and i cant find it was it in one of the temples.

Accepted Answer

ItzLim answered:

(Taken from wiki) "In the Ice Shrine, there is a ramp going up to a lever that is blocked by pairs of gargoyles shooting lightning. You need to hit the orbs to stop the lightning. To the right of the first set of gargoyles, there are some breakable icicles. After these are broken, you can drop down off the ledge to find another lever. This lever thaws a frozen chest in a previous room. After you climb the ladder, you can find this book nearby."

Note: If you have already gotten past the Ice Temple, don't worry, you get to come back to them once you finish every quest. Hope this helped.
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