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How do I get the laugh expression?

Im trying to do the 2nd Knothole Island quest (Heat Wave) and I need the laugh expression for one of the expression statues. I cant seem to find a book anywhere to get the expression. Do I need to be a certain percentage good/evil or certain percentage corrupt/innocent to get it?

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Tyzone34 answered:

My bad Excalibur is right you can't buy it but you have to be 75% good im positive
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Plattinum14 answered:

i am not totally sure where i got it from... i think my dog dug it up... if not then i baught it from the friction burns bookstore in Bowerstone Market
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Tyzone34 answered:

You can buy it at friction burns. If you dont find it right away just sleep in the inn for 7 days and check again and repeat if needed. Also if this doesnt work I found buying everything in the store helps new stock come if you have the gold to do that.
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Excalibur5033 answered:

It's not learned from a manual. You have to be 50% good in order to acquire it.
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bloodshark555 answered:

Is there any way to get it if you are evil? and for me on the island the expression popped up on the left corner as an auto expression
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DJRster answered:

If you want to get it when you are evil Give A Wife or husband Lots of gold Till you have max good you get 1 good for every 100 g and when you are max just venture round sleep and you will get the good expressions in time
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Cal133 answered:

Er be 75% good or just buy it or dig it up.
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XboxHelper answered:

You must be good enough. I'm 100% certain of this. I was trying to get it so that I could open the Demon door in Bower Lake, to get the Demon door in Fairfax Gardens. I tried getting good enough, and suddenly after a few donations to the Temple of the Light, POOf! Theresa tells me with her scary voice that I can now laugh. I was like 3/4 good.
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