Question from jstlord

Who Do I Donate To For Quest Donating To The Light?

I Cant Donate Cause i DOnt no Who to donate to can u help me


DRIFTA23 answered:

There is a little ballot box looking statue thing in side
You have to donate 1000 first to become the benefactor of the light
Then at 12:00pm you donate 10000 to get the special item
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kimosabi13455 answered:

Donate over 1000 gold then at 12:01-12:59 donate 10000 gold to get the rising sun weapon
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Ryol answered:

In the temple of light there is a guy just standing in one of the corners, go to him and behind him should be a statue looking thing.... Go to it and donate 1000 gold..... And that should be it.
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lordofstarside answered:

Dont donate to them, donate to the beggers in bloodstone- youll get way more points for yo buck. 50,000 gold = 500 good points
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grandace answered:

Actually donate 5k or higher and get 75 good points. If he says you donate after putting the money in a ballot to his left put 10k in to get a legendary cleaver.
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someone60000000 answered:

Donate in the small box in the corner at 12:30 to get the rising sun (which i sell because its terrible)
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