Question from Arkie014

How can I reach knothole island if the submarine captain were to die?

I recieved a bounty hunter quest for bowerstone market and when i got there the captain of the submarine was dead.

DarthVader561 asked for clarification:

That's weird, I didn't think he could die/be killed.

Arkie014 provided additional details:

yea I'll try to reload everything and see what happens, thanks.

Accepted Answer

korndawg19 answered:

You Could Fast Travel!
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Morgimirmir answered:

Swim? Just kidding, try reloading the area - that should reload all the NPCs and hopefully the captain. If that doesn't work, spend a day or two (in game time) in a different place and then return.
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bloodshark555 answered:

I never even use him...i just go to quest/maps -> areas -> knothole island
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