Question from edm85

Is the res. shrine in knothole island only avaliable if you dont have your dog or what cause i cant find it?

Ive looked where its supposed to be and i cant find it.

edm85 provided additional details:

I know thats where its supposed to be but its not on my game theres just a garveyard

Accepted Answer

Tori_chan answered:

If you can't find the res. shrine, you must get someone to follow you then walk over to the crypt next to the cheiftan's house and the doors will open, the person following you will walk inside and you must pull a leaver for the sacrifice to work. **knows from experience as she has just finished it**
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Parallel_Raven answered:

If Res stands for Ressurection then it's right by the cheiftans house


You sacrifice someone to revive your dog.
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