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Need a fix for the "Love Hurts" quest?

Can't give Lady Grey's head to Victor? What do I do without having to start the game all over again?

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pod_daddy answered:

Unfortunately, that quest would seem a bit buggy. I tried to give him the head, and he ran off. I got locked in his basement, had to abandon the quest. That's what I would recommend; it will take you be to the last save before you started the quest chain, but at least then the quest shouldn't bug again.

To abandon, simply teleport to another zone; Bowerstone Square, Fairfax, whereever. It will tell you if you leave, all progress will be lost; at that, choose yes.

It sucks; I lost a LOT of gold, gear, and quest completion ( I was working on the Gargoyles and the Demon Doors, and had to start back over from scratch...), but I REALLY wanted to marry Lady Grey and put her up in Castle Fairfax...
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