Question from clynnc19

Asked: 6 years ago

Can someone help me with the 'dollcatcher' achievement?

You can have your dolls back, I just want the achievement...

Accepted Answer

From: ThermalStone 6 years ago

I have heard (although not personally verified) that if you have all six dolls and someone joins your game, you can sell a doll to a vendor and buy it back. This will give them the achievement without you risking your dolls in another's hands. I have also heard that selling any item to a vendor when you have all six dolls will work. Once the game accesses your inventory and sees all six dolls, your henchman should get the achievement. I know this works with the Hoarder (silver keys). Can anyone verify it for the dolls?

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I need the achievement too, i have 3 dolls how many do u need?

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Well i just got another one so i have 4 now

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Ok well now i have 6 and i didnt get the achievement so if u haven't got it yet let me know and we can trade them

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Shady...i am on line right now. want to try to trade the dolls to see if we get the achievement?

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I'll confirm my own response. I joined someone else's game yesterday who had all six dolls and watched as they sold a doll to a vendor and bought it back. This gave me the achievement.

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Ill trade a garth doll for lucein doll

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Rag and Porcelain dolls DO NOT count for the achievement.

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