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Where can I find Murgo's Big Book of Trading and the Regal Purple Dye?

Those are the last things I need for the mystery shop and I can't find them anywhere I've checked all the tailors and all the book stores............i think if anyone knows the exact stores let me know PLEASE

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Oh and i can't find the puny carrots anywhere either

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Yoshimarue answered:

Alright, here we go:
1. Regal Purple Dye- Most likely found in Fairfax gardens on a clothing trader (It took me a REALLY long time to find it) I also found it randomly buried somewhere.
2. Murgo's Book- Found it by going through the bookcases every now and then in the Bowerstone Bookstore
3. Puny Carrot- Very likely that you'll find it in the produce stand at Bloodstone. It's in the very back, but it only had one, so you may need to go multiple times.
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jammymacster answered:

Regal Purple Dye - Go to Rookridge and boost the economy to 4 stars (max) by buying random junk from traders there.
Once done exit and come back, now find yourself a Dye Trader. If you don't find one leave and come back again.

If you're lucky he'll have the dye. If not find a bed.

Now sleep for 7 days, he won't change his stock, instead he'll add to it. Keep on sleeping for 7 days until he has the dye.

It could take quite a few attempts as it is quite a rare dye. By the time I got it he had a bunch of other rare dyes I'd never seen before.

Murgo's Big Book of Trading - I just bought mine from the book trader in Bowerstone Market. I did have a 5 star economy there so that may have made a difference.

Puny Carrot - I bought mine from Oakfield Produce Trader near the taxi service but I guess that any produce trader will do.
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mourninglife answered:

Regal Purple Dye - I went to Fairfax Gardens, and found the clothing merchant (After all, it does sound like a posh dye). He had one there, but i might have gotten lucky.

Murgo's Big Book of Trading - Root around in the Bowerstone bookstore shelves from time to time, once you buy it.

Puny Carrot - The fruit and veg vendor in Bloodstone. He has one at a time, so buy it, then fast travel to some places that take a couple of game days to get to, then travel back and he should have restocked it.
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Brandonvenom answered:

I have 1 Murgo Book of Trading
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diablo5843 answered:

I found the regal purple dye in fairfax gardens in a dig spot near the archeologist quest
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TEI90 answered:

You can find Regal Purple Dye in the cursed snowglobe if u have "see the future"
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Fadingsilence answered:

A found a Trading Book in Bloodstone in a Bookcase in the back of either the Clothing or Furniture Store.
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