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How do I solve Blind Date quest?

I am trying to show Ruperts picture to prospective mates at Bowerstone Townsquare but even though it's in my inventory under misc. when I highlight someone and try to pull it up, it's not there! How do I show this picture?

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MrCamyak answered:

I have completed this quest but it was a while ago so let me think back.
If you cannot bring up the picture through the inventory to show and it is not coming up through the give gift menu, is it possible that the picture can be shown via the down button option on the D-pad in the same way you check Bounty Hunter/assassin jobs etc.
If that doesn't work is it possible that you aren't showing pictures to the correct gentlemen ("of a different sexual persuasion to straight" [gamefaqs wont let me type any of the actual words to describe his sexuality but i'm sure you understand] in the further character information window).
If it has glitched, i would try reloading your game save a couple of times or warping in and out of the area ( i find this sometimes shifts glitchy lock ups).

To be honest I cannot remember the exact specifics of how I showed the actual picture to people, so these are only my suggestions rather than a definite answer, so I would give those a try if you haven't already, else wait for another answer to come along.
Hope this helps!
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HiimCyrus answered:

it should show up on the D-pad on the bottom left (usually the DOWN button) you can show it to a female or a male (because hes H0mosexual) and it dowsnt work on everyone...
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