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How Do I Start Blind Date?

I am currently trying to obtain the legendary Thunderbuss, I need to know how to start the quest, Blind Date.

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There was a prerequisite quest for blind date "cold comfort farmer" which you would need to do because you save giles from bandits and you cant do blind date if he is dead and i beleive that it is called the enforcer

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Also it becomes available after you return from the Spire.

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you have to find farmer Giles at his small fam house or at the actual farm depends on wich one is there.

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Actually you can perform the evil quest and still get this. you dont need to save him. If you do help Ripper and kill Giles. You just have to search his grave after the spire.

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You need to do the "cold comfort farmer" quest before. This saves Giles' farm from bandits. Then when you return from the spire (I think) his farm will have flourished and be full of happy farmers. Then you must find a date for Giles' son. Show it to a person in Bowerstone Market. Preferably a man. (Giles' son likes men)

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soo If he's dead it wont work?? does that mean I have to start a new game to get the quest??!?!??!! ugggh all my hard work wasted

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If you did the Red Harvest Side Quest, come back to Brightwood, Giles's
Farm after the "The Spire" story quest, your dog will detect a Dig Spot
on Farmer Giles's grave, dig there to get Giles's Portculiis Key. Then go
behind the small house to find the entrance to the Farm Cellar.

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