Question from sharkblade2

How many questions can you answer?

1. Can you get another dog
2. Can a dog use will
3. how can i gey back my dog if i dont chose to bring him back.

Accepted Answer

emo_ninja666 answered:

1. No only one dog but you can change his alignment,say if u go evil he will start to become fierce but, if you become good the dog will become lighter and will react with civilians better.... 2. No a dog cannot use will.... 3. well if you just chose the other answer just for the achievement what u can do is go back to the file before the 3 choices then once u choose a choice go to the 360 dashboard then reload the game. then just repeat the process again till it comes down to the choice being, The Family that way u get all three achievements plus u still get your dog
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Shamus16GB answered:

1. You cant get another dog once hes gone thats is it unless you make another hero of course.
2. No your dog cannot use will only a hero can.
3. Grey back your dog?
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