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How do i perform chain attack ??

I know there's already an answered question about this but i can' understand what the guy said...

How do you do it ??

Accepted Answer

ictoanen answered:

1) I think you need a fast weapon. I tried it with a hammer but couldn't do it. After I changed to using a katana and unlocked the achievement in under a minute.

2) You need to have Brutal Style level 3, chain attacks. Without it you can't do it.

3) When you Brutal Style level 3 you will see a blue glow on your weapon when you're at the apex of your swing. This is when you need to press the X-button again so you will chain your attack. Do this for a couple of times in a row and you'll unlock the achievement.

If I remember correctly it took me about 7 swings to unlock the achievement. Good luck!
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