Question from Shamus16GB

Asked: 5 years ago

All the Skills?

What happends if i get Skill Strenth, Will all to the max do i get anything or does anything change

Accepted Answer

From: cg1138 5 years ago

Well if you max out skill you are better & stronger with range weapons and you get sub targeting which allows you to kill people really fast with solid head shots.

If you max out strength, again, you get the obvious being stronger, harder to kill, and able to kill things quicker. Also if you max out your physique besides doing more damage you will also earn more gold per sword made while doing the blacksmith jobs. At max you do gain an extra 50 gold for every sword made.

If you max out enough of your will (it doesn't have to be every spell but most of them) then your lower level spells will do more and both lower and high level spells will charge faster allowing you to cast spells quicker.

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