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Sacrifices keep running away?!

I manage to get people to follow me to the Temple of Shadows but once I get them there they always run away so I don't get to sacrifice them!
I've tried getting them to follow me again but they won't have any of it.
Am I doing something wrong?

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dadou131988 answered:

This is because they fear you too much.

Try to do some expressions to make them love you and find you funny, and they will let themselves get sacrificed (lol).

As the guy next to the wheel said: People stupid enough to follow you down there deserve to be sacrificed.

Hope this helps
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Ryol answered:

Try making sure your not wearing the shadow cloak when you get them... Wear the light monk robes and get them in the curcle... Then change into your shadow cloak, just to show the their imminent doom, then pull the lever!!! Oh what fun!!
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uber_serial answered:

You also need to herd them like sheep *ahem* (to the slaughter) if you give them too much time in the circle alone they will just wander out by the time the wheel is done spinning
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tree5432 answered:

Make sure they love you enough and wear something nice and get them to follow you in the circle
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Adruon answered:

Alot of people have the temple of Shadow as a dislike so you have to get them to like you.
Some things to avoid:
1) dressing like an evil person, even right when u pull the lever (wear the chicken suit instead)
2) Sacrfiicing them one at a time (It's funny, but they really panic when they see someone's head fall off)
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