Question from blaster_master

Y is my spell selector stacking?

From time to time my spell selector messes up and stacks the same spell for every level(in the middle of a fight) without me selecting anything. Is there anyway to fix this?

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lechrisgo363 answered:

If you have your spell selector open or are casting spells, if you accidentally press the A button, all the spells above that will become the spell you pressed A on. If that's not the case, then sorry, but I don't know what's wrong.
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Snipes_2 answered:

Yes, There is a way to fix it. Just hold(RT) and use the D-Pad to select the spells you want on each Level. Usually after playing Co-Op or when you first start out on Co-Op it Stacks "Shock", I have no clue why. Hope this Helps!
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Cream0weet67 answered:

When that happens, just pause the game and redo them.
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