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What are the locations so screwed up?

The Heroes Guild is now 50 feet underground, Bowerstone has been completely knocked down and rebuilt, and the Lookout Point is nowhere to be found. Also, where is the big river seperating Bowerstone from the Lookout Point.

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jumi answered:

It's been 500 years. Things change.
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HybridTheory13 answered:

The spire wiped out everything in albion, its basically all been rebuilt. In the first scene with the spire, it shows it exploding. The dust and debris must have dammed up the river to create bower lake and buried the heroes guild, and bowerstone was rebuilt and expanded to cover lookout point.
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HybridTheory13 answered:

Also, the river is under the bridge in bowerstone market. The town now covers all of lookout point.
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