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Does anyone else have the master warhammer?

Does anyone else have the master warhammer? I found it with one of my heros but can't seem to find it with my others, and is it the strongest melee weapon it does 107 damage?

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ptracey answered:

Master Hammer
Damage: 107.0
Damage Types: Blunt
Attack Speed: Slow

There is no master "war"hammer in Fable 2, but the closest thing to it would be the Master Hammer. You can find them randomly in stock around the various weapon sellers in towns like Bowerstone Market, Westcliff, and Bloodstone, but I'm unsure if Weapon Traders well them, nor have I ever seen a Hammer Trader. The weapon salesman at the Crucible is also a good choice. I personally found a Master Hammer in the Crucible during my first try at it, and after I had completed the game, I found a two slot one in Bowerstone Market.
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sonicfreak8 answered:

ptracey is correct, although a LEGENDARY Hammer would be a Purple WarHammer. I forgot it's name, but you can find it after you open the Oakfield Demon Door. It should be in a windmill Northwest of the House in the Demon Door.
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Darktiger91 answered:

I would say to just look around the Bowerstone Market blacksmith...he randomly stocks up on all Master Weapons like the Master Hammer...either there or the blacksmith at Bloodstone...the blacksmith there randomly stocks up, too...if you ever need help, try looking for me online, GT is Polypro Ninja, i hang out at Bowerstone Market alot...i can find them easy =P
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