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I need the hero dolls for the achievement?

Want to trade for all the hero dolls i have one with the british flag under wear. My gamer tag is Boo9409. Let me know, i will at you as a friend and we can trade for them.

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How do I join in someones game. None of my friends on xbox live have the hero dolls. Can you just join in on someones game if they are not a friend on live? How do you do this if that is possiable. I am new to the xbox live stuff.

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I set my orbs to everyone. Do people just appear around Albion that are playing Fable at the time i am? Thanks for the help.

Plinkman provided additional details:

Thanks for all your help.

Accepted Answer

MetalGearRAXA answered:

Orbs show up in real-time. If someone is standing somewhere/doing something, you'll see their orb. Even if you are on opposite sides of planet Earth.
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MetalGearRAXA answered:

This isn't a question. This is meant for the message board.

But just so you know, you do NOT have to trade for them. Find somebody who has all of them in his/her inventory, join their game as a henchman/henchwoman, have the person buy an item(any item whatsoever), you should get the achievement for having the dolls.
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MetalGearRAXA answered:

You can set your orbs to everyone and ask some people.

An alternative is to ask someone on the message board who has all the dolls to let you join their game and get you the achievement.
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