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Where can I find Monk Robe, Book to teach Backflip, and Regal Purple Dye?

I only need three more items to finish the shop of mystery achievement and have no idea where to find the Regal Purple Dye and a Monk Robe. As for the backflip ability, I need that book and two others to get the rest of the expressions.

Accepted Answer

d_o_w answered:

The Monk Robe you can get in oakfield from the clothing trader right outside the Sangoose.. The Regal Purple Dye i found in Fairfax Gardens you may have to sleep a few times to get a clothing trader to appear and then sleep more to get the dye to appear but it should be there.. as for the backflip ability as far as i understand you have to win it in pub games the other fable 2 arcade game i guess it is.. hope this helps
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