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The Brightwood demon door?

I have done all of the stuff it said and it still wont open, all it says is "Should have said Silver Cape, never would have found one of those." and "Who in the right mind would wear such a thing." Help would be much appreciated.

Accepted Answer

jesusfreak1979 answered:

This is what I wore and it opened:

Yokel Hat

Noble Blouse

Tart Skirt

I don't know if it makes a difference between a male hero and a female hero, but I am using a female hero and had to put on the Noble Blouse instead fo the Noble Gent's Shirt.
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MetalGearRAXA answered:

Are you sure you did EVERYTHING? He should ask for cheese, a strange outfit, and a weird hairstyle. It's possible that it glitched and he didn't tell you what to get next, or that he glitched and didn't open. It's also possible that he did open, but it appears that he hasn't.
Leave the area and come back to see if he's either open, or see if he'll tell you what to do next.
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honorguard88 answered:

This door is very stubborn to open.....even if you get all he wants he still may not open...for better info copy past this URL :
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