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How do I solve "till death do us part" in FABLE 2?

I chose to marry the chick "Alex". She is with me and totally in love. I have bought like 6 houses with her following me to them. It tells me to set the house as my marital whatever by using the sign out front of the house. I have no option to do this on any of the houses? What have I done wrong?

Shadowguard2008 asked for clarification:

are those the only two options, I want to have a good path, but I don't know if I want to marry her. (haven't done this quest yet so I don't know how she looks, acts, etc.) Hopefully there are more options to this quest

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Tieske2004 answered:

I also destroyed the note and married her.
Then went to a house and pressed A at the paper sign in front of the house to move in with spouse?
Did you actually marry her or only chose that you would marry her?
After that I returned to the ghost who told me that I made the right decision by marrying her and the quest was complete.
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FallingFireball answered:

I have had this game for about a week so far. the way to beat this mission you have to be mean. you should have givin ALEX the rejection note.
if you did that than you will go back to the ghost and you will see alex and the girl arguing. they decide to run off together for eternity.

sorry man but you messed that up.
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pianodev answered:

I have actually been having the exact same problem. I'm not sure how to fix it either as of now... sorry.
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QualityC0ntrol answered:

You must take her to your home in the Gypsy Village (Your first home) she is easily pleased and doesn't mind living there so don;t worry about using this home.
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Die_Lawn answered:

Well you shouldent have destroyed the rejection note.
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gavzio answered:

I had the same problem, didnt have her set to follow me
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Jakarux answered:

You can destroy the note, I married Alex, and went on through the game with no problems, So you don't HAVE to.
This game is about choices, not a set thing.
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ketnerj answered:

I destroyed the note, married Alex, and had a kid with her. I went back and talked to the ghost, and it completed the quest. I know this may sound like a dumb question, but have you spoken to the ghost for a second time?

Actually, I just saw the guy above me posting almost the same thing. Go back to the ghost in Rookbridge.
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Tinug answered:

Make sure you give her a ring. (Even if you choose to destroy the note and marry her, you still need to give her a ring). Then you should be able to have her follow you to a house and set it as Marital Home. Then, to complete the quest, go back to the ghost and watch the little scene.
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Attelocin answered:

So to sum it up easily:

Talk to the ghost, take the quest.

Meet Alex and make her love you.

And then either
1)Give her the note and go back to the ghost (evil path).
2)Destroy the note, propose to her (I used a Civil Ring), and get hitched, THEN go back to the ghost (good path).
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V3NOM_G answered:

Ok, after reading your problem, there are two solutions.

After accepting the quest you make Alex fall in love with you, she will then ask you to marry her, buy her a ring, i think any one besides the lowest ring will work. Well, if you want to do the evil ending, just give her the note. If you want the Good ending, destroy the note and marry her. When your married, she will bother the crap out of you until you buy her a house. (This game is very realistic). Make sure that your new wife is following you and go to the sign in front of the house. Interact with the sign and then back out, your wife will say what she thinks of the house. (quick tip, find out who owns the house and flirt with them until they are ready to marry you, the price of the house will drop.) After you find a house that you and your wife like , interact with the sign, and click on, Buy With Spouse, or something to that effect. After you move in, you can go back to the ghost and he will be happy that you did not give the note to her and will reward you.
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theguywithagrin answered:

Ah, i had the exact same problem, i destroyed the note and realized that i didn't want to marry her. well, bad news, the only way to fix this (that i know of) and end the quest single is by scoring a few evil points. if thats ok with you just get her to follow you back to where you met the ghoast and kill her. she'll appear as a ghoast just as if you had given her the note.

im not sure if this works after you've bought a house and married her, i did it while she was nagging me to buy one

if your not willing to score any evil points (relax u can get them back) sorry, u have to marry the gal
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pianodev answered:

I figured it out! In the bowerstone bookstore there is a book that you can buy that's called "Come Hither Dear" that teaches you a flirt comand called "Come Back to My Place". Whenever you use that command, it is just like the follow - they follow you, then press A at a bed and it will give you the choice for protected or unprotected sex.
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XxFleaBeastxX answered:

You weren't supposed to marry her. you get her to want to marry you and then you give her the rejection note. she runs off crying....blah return to the ghost and find out she killed herself and she finds outs finds out that the ghost tricked her, and she runs off.
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Attelocin answered:

FleaBeast: It can go either way. Making her kill herself is the evil path, though I don't know that you get any evil points for it.
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unsoundisland answered:

In this quest there are 2 ways to go as stated above.
First find the ghost just follow the yellow sparkly line!!!!!!!!!
To make her fall in love with you is easy:
1) Give her freshly picked flowers (buy them from the Jeweller stall in the town square or find them in a treasure chest.
2) Use the book the ghost gave you to learn the Seduce Expression. This is Alex's favorite expression. Keep using this expression over and over till the heart above her head turns red.

Now either give her a ring or the note I have done both.
If you give her a ring you can take her to the Gypsy camp or buy a house again it doesnt matter which. To make her follow you press the RB button (this is how you get to you expression list) choose social then the Follow Me Expression. At this point you can walk to a house in Bowerstone or Warp to the gypsy camp. Find your house got to the examine property poster press (A). Choose set as marital home and you are now married. To have sex get her really happy go into the expression list Choose Social again then the Thumbs Up sign. If she is interested the Follow Me sign will show up above her head. Now take her to a bed press (A) to sleep. If it worked and sometimes it doesn't (not sure why guess you have to seduce her more) you will be asked the protected or not question and there you go. You will get pregnant if you go the not protected route. She will divorce you and run away if you dont keep her happy. You can tell where you are on her love meter. If it goes below the ring symbol then she will leave you. Not sure if you get sin points but the community gets a little peeved at you.

If you reject her with the note you get -5 on your purity (not a big deal you get them back easily). Personally the only reason to get married is to do all the things available in the game. Otherwise its just a drain on your cash and her constantly wanting to see you is a bore.

Either way you go is fine. After choosing your destiny go back to the Ghost. Watch the scene and you'll get your renown points.
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chinocholo answered:

I must've done something wrong. Because Alex just ran away saying she doesn't want to see either one of us ever again.
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fable2552 answered:

I am stuck here as well. I thought that i married her because i gave her the ring and people around town were telling congratz on getting married. But when i look at the quest it tells me that i need to buy her a ring still and i cannot find her anywhere. What should i do? I really dont want to have to restart the game.
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fable2552 answered:

I am stuck here as well. I thought that i married her because i gave her the ring and people around town were telling congratz on getting married. But when i look at the quest it tells me that i need to buy her a ring still and i cannot find her anywhere. What should i do? I really dont want to have to restart the game.
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fable2552 answered:

I am stuck here as well. I thought that i married her because i gave her the ring and people around town were telling congratz on getting married. But when i look at the quest it tells me that i need to buy her a ring still and i cannot find her anywhere. What should i do? I really dont want to have to restart the game.
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Attelocin answered:

Fable2552: I, uh, don't think asking four times in a row works very well. And that just sounds like a glitch.
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fable2552 answered:

I am stuck here as well. I thought that i married her because i gave her the ring and people around town were telling congratz on getting married. But when i look at the quest it tells me that i need to buy her a ring still and i cannot find her anywhere. What should i do? I really dont want to have to restart the game.
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Eddie_M10 answered:

Ok when i got the quest i talked to her till she wanted to marry me then i married her instead of givin her the rejection note went and talked to the ghost again and that was it i finished the quest but u have to have her folow u to any home it doesnt matte she is not picky and move in thats all u have to do
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soc3chappd answered:

I havent read all of these posts im afraid, but perhaps there is another but evil route.

I couldnt bare the fact to reject the woman so i decided to marry her. Then for some strange reason i went to the shadows council roulete game thing and 'accidently' sacrficed her. HONEST this was purely done on accidental.

I went back to the ghost and there was Alex also dead, they were about to live happily ever after till she saw my face, then knew her ex put me up to it. She ran off crying.

Not really the way i wanted it to happen,l but if she never ran out on the wedding day then she wouldnt of been sacrifced... enough said me thinks.
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ridoldy answered:

What i did was i was nice to her married her, bought a home, had sex, spent time with her then went to the ghost and i completed it
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UltaMatt answered:

This one is simple and provides a way to get married:
Talk to ghost to recieve the rejection note.
Meet up with Alex in Bowerstone and get her to fall in love with you, (red heart above her head).
You can now give or destroy the note:
If you give her the note she will run off crying. Go meet the ghost to finish the quest.
If you destroy the note, you have to give her a ring (gift any ring or *buy one at a jeweler or gift trader*) and buy a marital home to complete it. (For a marital home set one house you own by having your ring holding spouse (in this case Alex) *follow you* then check the same sign outside the house and change the option to *SET as Marital home*).
(You can also use the house option on a different house you have bought, just have your spouse follow you to it to set it up again.)
After this return to the ghost.
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guitarrock117 answered:

Ok, there are three ways to complete this quest. When you arrive in Bowerstone and woo Alex into falling for you (which took me like, 3 seduces. Unrealistic much?) Now you make your "Fable Choice":
1. Give her the Rejection Note, she'll run off crying, you go to the ghost and recieve your reward.
2. You destroy the Rejection Note and agree to marry her, give her a ring, and take her to your Gypsy Caravan and marry her.
(This is a funny one. And happened to me.) 3. You can take her to your Gypsy Caravan while on a Quest, and if she dies on said quest, and you go back to the Ghost, she'll be there, talking to him about loving him again, until she sees your face. Then she puts him up on fault for doing this and runs away in tears like in life, but now the Ghost sees what he did wrong. I have also heard this can happen if you sacrifice her to the Temple of Shadows before turning in the quest.
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FFXAWESOME answered:

Its easy all u hav to do is talk to the goast dude and then go to ur house u want and u can select for her to liv there
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RazielsLegacy answered:

The Alex disappearing thing is a known glitch. I bet you took her off follow after giving her the ring, or left the area. There`s another interesting glitch with Alex if you want to do the good path but don`t want a wife. Just take Alex with you to the ghost. She can`t see him of course so nothing really happens, but as soon as he finishes his speech about how you marrying her was right and the quest ends...she disappears as if it were the evil ending where she died. You`ll get a widowed count in your stats but it won`t give you evil or corrupt points.
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Moricat answered:

If you're on the evil bent, take her to the Temple of Shadows and Sacrifice her. Extra points because she's a spouse! That's what I did with my husband.
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OneEyedWheeler answered:

I find it strange that people had to seduce/socialise with Alex - I just approached her, she started yapping a bit, how she'd let down her previous fiance etc. then I got the option of destroying the note or marrying her. Already got a wife in Bowerstone -the jeweller- so this might prove a little tricky.....
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OneEyedWheeler answered:

PS has anyone had a threesome yet (in the game I mean) ?? I have and you get an achievement for it. Oakwood is the best place for it I found as a lot of the "common" women there are unchaste...
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misterj96 answered:

I have noticed many glitches in my 3 playthroughs, but you have to talk to the ghost again to end the quest. He says something along the lines of he hopes she will be happy now and he disappears, thus ending the quest.
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charburbley answered:

I chose to marry her and I went to the Gypsy Camp and bought a house and it let us live there it is probably a glitch
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senter_pat answered:

HEY! you did give her a ring already right? like she has a ring over her head not a heart...if not thats ur problem
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lana89 answered:

Haha. I find it funny as it seems like everyone chose to be a guy. Cos i chose to be a girl and alex was a guy so I was getting confused reading this? I don't see what the problem is I went up to alex, decided to marry him and he followed me to a house in bowerstone and he lived there. The ghost was like what i did was wrong etc etc and then disappeared quest ended! I ended up sacrificing him on a later date anyway but this was quite a simple quest really.
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TeXaS_PiE answered:

Alright, so here's the process:

1. Talk to the ghost in Rookridge

2. Read the book he gives you, then go to Oakfield.

3. Just outside the sculptors barn is a chest carrying some freshly picked flowers (Alex's favorite gift) and a civil ring, which you should use once you destroy the rejection note.

4. After destroying said rejection note, you still have to give her a ring. Do so now.

5. Have Alex follow you to your home, and activate the little sign and select "Set as Marital Home"... BAM! Married!

BUT WAIT!!! If you still want to be single, you have two option, either to kill her or divorce her... A divorce gives you uber bad deeds, so killing her is your best bet... BUT DON'T KILL HER BEFORE YOU TALK TO THE GHOST!!! If you kill her before that happens, he won't be too happy... And neither will she.
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xguardian119x answered:

This is a bug..Dont believe there is any way to fix it.
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