Question from Kitty_Chu

Asked: 6 years ago

Can we have two different characters?

In the same game, is it possible to have our own characters in the same game without deleting his or my chara. Like an extra memory slot.

We just go it today :3

Please do help and sorry if I took your time.


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From: PoisonBurn 6 years ago

yeah i've had it for about a week, if you go to continue and have more than one file on the same profile name, then you can have up to 6 different saves per profile name, also if you have 1 saved character on your profile name, and your friend has 1 saved character on his profile name,

You can play together that way, and whoever is the henchman (player 2) you can set so he gets 50% xp and gold, and when he leaves the game, all the stuff he gained in your game will transfer over to his file, as long as you both are past the very beginning as a child! BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THAT! if you load a file into someone else's when they are a kid, your stats will go back to zero and so will your gold, it happened to me when i did it with a friend and i had like 30k and had a lil bit of experience.

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So what if I have more than one character in my profile, and I enter my friend's game. When my henchman leaves his game, which of my characters get the xp and items I picked up?

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when you are invited into a players game and you get to the selection where it has good girl, neutral girl, etc. if you hit (Y) u can select which save you want to associate the gold, xp, etc. you receive. If you do that, you'll get the stuff put into that save when you leave.

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Yes :) Just click new game and after you play it and save it and go back into "continue" you will see cards that indicate your various saves. I have two now.

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I tried to get a second one but when i clicked save it said i would over right my other one

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I tried to get a second one but when i clicked save it said i would over right my other one

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hey now i have cards it worked thanks Eingana85

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To make more files just start a new one when you get done with your first then i think you can have up to six.

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