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Temple of Avo. Holy hour?

What time in Fable 2 is holy hour. If you donate a large enough sum of gold you'll be rewarded. Is it 12?

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Yeah its noon, you get a really good weapon against evil.
The ultimate sacrafice is the one you marry.

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From: Roshimaru 6 years ago

The time of day appears when you pause the game. Because apparently everyone in the Fable universe has digital clocks.

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i'm actually not sure, because i've only been doing the evil side so far, been messing around a lot too, but on the evil side the evil hour is midnight, so maybe the holy hour would be noon?

Because on the evil side, you have to get 2000 points worth in sacrifices, and then sacrifice your spouse at midnight, and then you get the maelstrom, and it does 58 damage, longsword and does more damage against lawful beings. Also, there will be a quest where either you have to defend the light temple or destroy it, and once it's destroyed if that's what you chose, it really is gone and can't be used anymore.

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Between 12pm and 1pm

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Between 12pm and 1pm donate 10,000 gold, you can donate more if you want too but you will not receive the


Legendary Cleaver if you donate less then 10,000 gold

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How do u donate money i stand in the spot but nothing happens.

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How do you tell the time of day is it the sun or is there a game clock somewhere?

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Press start and it'll tell you what time it is in-game in the upper right corner.

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It took me a while to find the donation spot as well. It is to the right of the holy guy closest to the wall. Its very easy to miss.
*possible spoiler*
If you are trying to get the legendary weapon, it has to be the second time you donate as well.

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Temple of light not Temple of avo

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this is a spoiler for what weapon you get from donating to the temple pf light (avo) same thing

what damage does the legendary cleaver do?

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the legendary cleaver is called the rising sun
it does 61.0 damage and has 1 augmentation
augment:Righteous Violence
Damage types: Cutting
Attack speed:normal

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