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How do i make my character thin??

U see i have been eating all kinds of food so now hes really fat and its been almost a week since i didnt eat any kind of food but hes still fat and wont lose any of fatness so what should i do?? cuz trust me hes really ugly :D

FiRe_DeViL_ provided additional details:

Thnx alot buddy

Attelocin asked for clarification:

Ok, I'm having the same problem. I've eaten a LOT of celery over the past couple hours, as much as I can find, and I'm still fat. Has anyone actually gotten fat and lost weight on celery alone?

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PoisonBurn answered:

No, just a lot of celery, and don't eat other foods, use potions they heal instantly anyways.
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Rhett817 answered:

Try eating healthy food (vegetables) and avoid beer/meat, which add to your obesity.
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konnan111 answered:

Any other tips, I fed my guy celery about 20 times and he is still a fatty.
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DConn93 answered:

Where do you get any vegetables such as celery?

I need to know!
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KwikShotz89 answered:

I think in on the bowerstone market bridge, at the produce vendor.
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Shadow120000 answered:

There's produce vendors in all the cities, Bowerstone's is easiest to find though.
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konnan111 answered:

One thing I have noticed is, that if you increase your physique, then it appears you are fat, if you remove all coats from your character it'll show a six pack and muscles.
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glimpsofruin answered:

The right answer is tofu lots of tofu.
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DemonicDragonX answered:

You have to eat Vegetables, but it has to be 'certain' vegetables, like just any celery will not make you lose weight, it has to be a particular kind, look at the item information, nudging right on the left thumbstick, to see more info, and it will tell you what affects the food has, Tofu will not help you lose weight, look at the information for each vegatable, the Produce Stall, in front of the furniture store has a fresh supply of veggies every few days.

Good luck!
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Attelocin answered:

Ok, I did some research, ate more celery and healty foods of the like, and I finally slimmed down. I guess I looked fat because I was short but extremely muscular.
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forsaken1111 answered:

You have to look at the food's statistics. There are various quality levels of food, and some old or rotten food can even have very bad negative effects!
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clamorfiend answered:

Yeah just eat any foods that say "Fatness -0.05%" those should help reduce your weight. But there is nothing you can do once your character gets bulky and LOOKS fat from raising up your physique.
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konnan111 answered:

"But there is nothing you can do once your character gets bulky and LOOKS fat from raising up your physique."

I'm pretty sure you can reduce your physique and get thin that way if you're jacked and tan.
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