Question from cbast1

Asked: 5 years ago

Blackmail quest?

Whether you pay the guy under the bridge or not, is there any way to hunt down the original blackmailer (who I assume is this "Denzel" character) and kick his ass for being a nosy nancy?

I demand righteous vengeance!

Accepted Answer

From: lechrisgo363 5 years ago

Sorry, but there's no way to get to your infamous blackmailer =/ (you should also probably stop cheating on your wife!)

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Not that I know of.
The guy under the bridge said Denzel was some posh guy, so I scoured Fairfax Gardens looking for someone called Denzel in order to execute him, but nothing.

If it helps you relieve some stress, though, you could always rename a random villager to Denzel and shoot his head off. :P

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Yea they're right you can't I spent hours lookin and nothin sry bro.

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