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How do i have intercourse with my wife?

I know this soundsweird but i looked at the families and clicked on my wife and it said she wants sex so i was winderung hiw do you do that?

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Thank you.

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Thank you.

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Thank you.

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PoisonBurn answered:

close dantethedvl, i thought that too at first but no, you have to buy a book called, come hither dear, and it teaches you the come back to my place emote, and that is inviting them to follow you for doing the nasty. Most the time though they won't do it unless you are married unless there name specifies they are a whore, or are from bloodstone or westcliff possibly.
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Dantethedvl answered:

I haven't done so yet, but I believe the manual says you have to make her follow you, then click on a bed, and well, you know what happens next >_>
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bmv answered:


You can flirt with him / her until they suggest you do something "naughty" or something to that extent (different possible speachs) but you will be qued to use the thumbs up expression to agree, and then walk to a bed and choose protected (assuming you have condoms) or unprotected sex.

If you buy the Come Hither book and learn the expression from it this also works as an ALTERNATIVE to having your spouse invite you, yet you can have your spouse invite you regaurdless of if you have the book or not.
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