Question from Tieske2004

Asked: 6 years ago

How do you donate to the Temple of Light?

I got to the Temple of Light with the donation quest active and there is this golden circle I can walk into, but nothing happens.
How do I donate money?


Additional details - 6 years ago

ah wait, found it!
Maybe I was too early. I advanced some in the game and now I can use the pedestal to the right of the monk.

Accepted Answer

From: brice344 6 years ago

Use the pedistle thing next to monk on the wall

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I'm not sure really, I've been wondering this myself, I tried giving it to the monk there as a gift but nothing so if someone could answer this, that'd be a great help.

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I'm in the same boat. Walk right up to the golden circle and BOOM, nothing.

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Aha! Thank you, never even noticed that there

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Has anyone figured out how much we have to donate to finish the quest?

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I too would like to know how to finish the quest, I've already donated 500 the first time then 10000 the second during holy hour and the quest is still not finished.

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I think that i might be one of those quests like off the first game where the quest doen't end, you can just keep coming back and donating all you want :P

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how much do you have to donate at holy hour to get the Prize thing

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I donated 14000 and got this cool golden axe, i think there are multiple prizes you can get, mine was the "harvest" prize, so i am assuming that at different times of the year you can get different prizes. i have heard about people getting blades and hammers as well.

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It has to be between 12pm and 1pm (because everyone knows the world is shiniest at that time... ugh, despicable) in order to get their legendary item.

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