Question from Sacredfame

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i Open the meat demon door?

I'm at the demon door that wants meat i bought some jerky and mutton chops but it won't let me give it to him. How do i give it to him?
The demon door is at the bowerstone graveyard

Accepted Answer

From: justabaldguy 6 years ago

It's been said, but yes you must kick a nearby chicken towards the door. When done properly, the chicken will "explode" when it hits the door, and the door will remark about the taste of the blood/meat, etc.

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Submitted Answers


They giving it as a gift

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You have to kick the nearby chickens at the door.

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The best way to get through the door is to turn off saftey mode, and hit the chicken until it explodes. I dont know if this needs to be done near the door or not.

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Why would turning off safety mode and killing the chicken be easier than just kicking it into the door?

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Kick the nearby chickens into the door.

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Kick a chicken right into the door it will explode and the door opens.

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