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Collecting rent/profit while system is off?

I keep reading that this is the case, however, I just bought a few houses and a few stalls and turned off my system for the night, but when i woke up I (believe) that I didnt make any money in the meantime. Can someone please specify exactly how this works? Thanks.

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lechrisgo363 answered:

According to the manual and my own personal experience, you do receive money from rented houses even when you're not in the game. Although you're still getting rent when the xbox is off and you're not playing, you'll be receiving rent at a slower rate. When you turn on your game and load your account, it'll tell you how much money you've collected from rent by showing the money symbol above your head with the amount you've collected (the same way the game notifies you if you make money any other way). While you can collect when you game is off, there is a cap to how much you can collect. (I think it's like 100 times the normal rent but you would have to be off for a long time to get that much). If for whatever reason you think you're not collecting rent when your game is off, make sure that the houses you're renting out have tenets because if it's vacant, you won't receive any rent.
Hope that was helpful, if you need some more clarification, feel free to ask.
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skunky_boy_mwha answered:

i think ur console has to be in standby, like just sitting on the dashboard or something. although mine has been off for like 2 weeks and i got a bunch of money. i think u may get a percentage of wot u should get if it is off. sorry, i cant be ne more hepl :S
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lechrisgo363 answered:

One extra note, all the points i stated above deal with when your xbox360 is off, so I don't know if having it on standby or playing another game makes a difference.
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hurley4 answered:

I just figured out what the problem was, I had not set my XBOX360's clock yet, so no time was going by in the system. I thank you for your responses, as they were correct as well.
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