Question from TwilightxPrince

Asked: 6 years ago

Where/When do I get the Bounty Hunter Job?

My friend is already playing as an Assassin, but as a good character I imagined I would get to play the bounty hunter just as early, and yet I'm farther than her and don't have access to the bounty hunter job. What point in the main storyline/what town do I have to get to to become one?

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From: LordLockeRA 6 years ago

Bounty Hunter quests can start showing up after the Hero of Strength quest, but you need to have some renown and reputation in the region to start getting Bounty Hunting quests from the guards there. They're the good counterpart of the assassination missions (ie kill something for gold) so Evil characters might not be offered them until later, but I haven't noticed this myself.

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Just go to a town and talk to a town sherriff

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Talk to a town Sheriff

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It popped up for me shortly after helping Hammer with the water jug. I think you have to work on your Renown to get the job notification.

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I talked to a sheriff, he was walking on the bridge (where the fish vendor is) in Bowerstone for the one I just did.

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Jobs come and go, so dont fret if its not availiable right away. Also i dont think its availiable before the first couple of missions

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It is completely random what jobs show up, it has nothing to do with talking to anyone or what part of the quest you're on (of course you have to be past childhood though).

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Bounty Hunter quests never showed up for me until Late Adulthood as an evil/pure character. Doesn't show up often though, random and poor luck I suppose.

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