Question from RagingBob

Asked: 6 years ago

Getting into Gemstorm Grotto after bridge *slight spoilers?*

I didn't realize that in Rookbridge there's a Gemstone Grotto area near the Hobbes Cave... my problem is, the bridge to Bowerstone has been fixed... is there any way to dive back down into the water or am I screwed out of a Silver Key?

Additional details - 6 years ago

I suppose going back through the Hobbe Cave would work... if I could find the exit of it... sadly the Brady Games guide doesn't provide those kinds of details.

Accepted Answer

From: Shadow120000 6 years ago

Can't you just choose regions and choose Hobbe Cave? It let me automatically go there for another quest once.

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Did you try just going back through the Hobbe cave? Be prepared for a fight, but it should work.

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Thx Man It Worked

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The Hobbe Cave is located in the ruins of an old house or inn just past the bridge if you're heading towards Oakfield.

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