Question from JohnnyMuchwano

How Do You Take Scars Off ?

Please Help Me Out I Hate The Scars That You Get When Knocked Down So I was Wondering ? How To Take Off Scars Since You Can Take Off Wait With Cellerey So I Thout LionHead Must Of Added Some Sort Of
Way To Take Off Scars Please Amd Thank You

JohnnyMuchwano provided additional details:

oh you can i just beat the main qwuest spoiler alert

well you die again but theresa helps you and whalla your scars are gone plus those red eyes from the dark stone qwuest or sumthing


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Elfindreams answered:

Scars are not removable, tattoos and will lines can be removed by going to a tatoo artist and removing will skills respectivly... but scars are for life. Its the one real penalty for dying.
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sir-gamesalot answered:

Idont think u can take the scars off your stuck with them for life.
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theguywithagrin answered:

Ironic that no one likes scars since the makers went through such trouble to realistically integrate them into the game. at least you dont get a game over, i think a couple scars make my character look cool

yeah, the people above are right, can't take em off.
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Necronamatron answered:

Buy the brightwood tower and sleep in the bed on the top floor
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tomcatthegrea1 answered:

Actually after beating the game all your scars you have at the time go bye bye!
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Jolly_Green answered:

I like not dying in the middle of a quest and having to start the quest over. I always sold my Resurrection Phials, and died twice because my brother took the controller. Also, the experience you lose when you are knocked out is only what is on the ground. You don't lose it from what you've already obtained.
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