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Achievement for See the future: The Combatant?

I've played the colosseum a couple of times now and got all the achievements except for the combatant. how do you fight the necromancer in the colesseum??

biglittleman12 provided additional details:

then I know im close but is there a quick way to get through the rounds?

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MetalGearRAXA answered:

Make use of the Slow Time power. It not only slows enemies, but the clock as well. Using a level 5 Slow Time spell can easily help you slaughter a whole wave in seconds.

If you still have trouble, have a second player join in and have him/her spam level 5 Slow Time spells while you kill everything.
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MetalGearRAXA answered:

Kill enough waves until he appears. He appears just after the Spire Guard and Commandant wave.
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