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How do I solve (colossium score)?

I need to know what score i need to obtain the colossium items. Can anyone help?

Peacefulrune19 provided additional details:

The ultimate prize doesnt open the gates to get the demintions items. On the royal and wizard teddy bears are the numbers: 8-5-1-9. I dont know if this itself is the amount i need but it is obviously a clue.

Accepted Answer

AngieFan answered:

The last bear can be achieved if you get a score of 1985 exactly, if you get 1985 you can get more but you have to have 1985 at some point in your battle run.
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digger1692 answered:

15000 points gets you every prize. Other than that, it goes:

2500-Third Prize
5000-Second Prize
10000-First Prize

I'm pretty sure the Ultimate Prize, at 15000, you can only get once.
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