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Can you get in the house with the sign in front?

In the see the future cursed snowglobe quest theres a house called the ashford house or something like that can you get in it?

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pastyD answered:

You must go to the cursed skull to the part where you fought the poison balverine.
if you run through the assorted arches in the area the skeleton sitting on the rocks in the same area will be holding an egg.
you then take the egg to the rabbit hole (still in the cursed skull) and place it in the basket nearby.
you then go inside the rabbit hole and find the key to the ashford house in a table next to one of the beds.
the FAQ on the "See The Future" content has a map with the order of the arches to run through.
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osterblom answered:

Yes, after you finish the main quest in snowglobe one of the other houses will have a flit switch near a clock. Follow the switches until they end up at a chest. Then you can get in to that house.
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