Question from Sacredfame

How do I solve the brightwood demon door?

I did the cheese, the dreadlocks and chops i have the sig skirt but where do i get the farmers hat and the other thing?

Sacredfame provided additional details:

I just don't know where to get the skirt i had the wrong one

Accepted Answer

forsaken1111 answered:

I think the skirt you need is actually called the "Tart Skirt" and is sold by traveling clothing traders as far as I know. I saw it on one near the building with the statue carver.
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Boseiju answered:

I got a corset in the Bowerstone Market, at the female tailor's, but so far have been unable to find the Strumpet Skirt(Not the Signature Skirt) and the Farmer Hat. I think I saw the skirt in a wandering trader's inventory once, so it's probably a safe bet that both items need to be found from traders.
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