Question from SporeManiac13

Can I and if so, how, buy the Fairfax Castle?

Molyneux said that you could buy that castle in one of his interviews, but i don't know how.

SporeManiac13 provided additional details:

Yes! I have 1,000,000 gold!!!!!!!!

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PoisonBurn answered:

Yeah you can but you have to beat the main storyline first, and it costs 1mil and you get a quest once you buy it.
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Sacredfame answered:

Yes its one million gold im working on it but i only have 575000 dollars
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Emonquente answered:

What they said, why is this thing still pending..
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green_punk33 answered:

Get 1mill and beat the main story line then you can buy it it comes with a quest to get the sex change potion.HOPE I HELP.
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