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Gargoyles locations?

I got 43 so far but now i cant seem 2 find any??
I looked everywhere for those annoying heads.

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Boseiju answered:

Use the Regions section of your pause menu, under Quests/Maps. It shows what regions you're missing gargoyles in, and how many. Beyond that, just listen for their annoying cackle.
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unsoundisland answered:

Listen for a high pitched insult. Like you couldn't hit me if I was right in front of you. I thought it was villager speak, but if you hear an insult its a gargoyle. So get your gun out and look for it
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Allanon6666 answered:

Another trick is to keep in mind they have a unique accent, I think it might be Irish or Scottish.
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vlg101 answered:

T is one in brightwood tower but, you have to buy the tower go to the attic shoot the windows out till u see it there r 2 in fairfax again buy it one in the library one in the secret passage
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Yasmaster answered:

Im new to this so im not sure if im allowed to put a website adress in this comment.. sod it here goes [this website is proper helpful, click on forums and you're there] :
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clonetrooper answered:

Just use Youtube. Find out how many gargoyles are left in your region by checking it out in the menu. Youtube it and watch.
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Jstew72 answered:

hey this is a link to and this guy made a video to find all 50
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hikari_wolf answered:

I know one of them is in Bowerstone Marhet in one of the three houses on the left
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