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I'm stuck inside the crusible care to help?

I beat the game and i went inside the crusible. i got 456 seconds and perfect rounds. then i saved before getting my reward. i went to get my reward and it teleported me outside without me getting a reward. when i was outside it wouldn't let me move, but when i pressed start to get to a different region it said game paused. any ideas of how to get the reward and get out or just get out?

Predhack asked for clarification:

Anyone managed to solve this without reverting?

Accepted Answer

swish4three answered:

Try reloading the last save point. As good as this game was there are many glitches related to mission timing. After I beat the main quest and I had to rescue my child I had to restart the mission about 4 times just to get the my wife to show up at the end of the mission.
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