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Archaeologist and this one I can't figure out?

I have been doing pretty good on the Archaeologist Quests but this one has me running all over and I can't find it.

"I believe this is in a cave by a beach some where. It is close to one of the other artifacts but I don't know which one."

That is what the note says but I've tried all the caves near water I can think of except for the one at Bower Lake. Any help would be appreciated.

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photogspeedster answered:

Quick travel to hoobe cave, exit out into rookridge, you should be on a beach, kill the hoobes then look to your right. You should see a beach swim to it, you should start being attacked by hollow men. then go into the cave at the end of the trail, and wait until your dog finds the dig spot.
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S2JStubb23 answered:

Alright stick with me here. Travel to Hobbe Cave. When you get there dispatch the Hobbes that are in the immediate vicinity. Then turn around and leave the cave. Dispatch the hobbes outside. Go into the water and swim to your right. walk up on the land and follow the litle sand path to the end and enter the cave, Should be like Crystal something or other. And just follow the golden trail.
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Piliger answered:

Crystal something or other would be the gemstone grotto. It's a door at the end of the trail.
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FableCraver answered:

*kinda a spoiler* Ididn't pick the middle card and u no the rest how can I get the scroll, is near the chest?
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