Question from caranthir70129

Asked: 6 years ago

The statue in front of the Archon's Knot, and Lucien's coat?

Yeah the statue in front of the Archon's Knot, when does it go away? And can I ever get Lucien's coat?

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Okay I'll check back every now and again but I still want to know how to get a coat like Lucien's, it's pretty ^.^

Additional details - 6 years ago

Okay now about Lucien's coat?

Accepted Answer

From: Kaiserstien 6 years ago

As for the statue blocking Archon's Knot. All you have to do is save Garth and get to Bloodstone. After Bloodstone you have to do the first part of The Hero of Skill where he tells you to get more renown. after that you should be able to fast travel to the tower and the statue will be gone. you don't have to buy the tower.

As for Lucien's coat I am almost positive that you cant get it.

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For the statue, you have to buy the Tower (200000 gold I think).

But you have to get to the Hero of Skill Quests, and get this quest for the tower.

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Just check after you beat the game, as soon as I beat it the statue was gone.

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