Question from remedy916nos

Scars, how are they obtained ?

How are they obtained in 2? So I can avoid them =)

remedy916nos provided additional details:

Certain augmentations and house bonuses give you scars???

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Illscrewyoubig answered:

Certain Augments also give you more scars!
Also, maybe its a bug or something, but after I finished the game, all my scars disappeared
(maybe its because I chose the Family Card)
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Chili_Pie answered:

You want to avoid them, then don't die.
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Attelocin answered:

When you get KOed you recieve a scar. If you use a Resurrection Phial on yourself then you don't get a scar, or if you have certain augmentations/house bonuses.
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hunter3742 answered:

@remedy916nos: No, they prevent them.
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noafterlife answered:

Theres away to get rid of them just start a new game an don't save over your old one and as so as u pass your childhood save it an play your other one an all your exp an skills will be reset
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