Question from chinocholo

Asked: 6 years ago

How to make people not scared?

So this lady kept following me around and I kept getting a "Villiager wants to marry you." message. I shot her but she didn't die, she ran away and got the guards (she doesn't love me anymore) but now all the villiage is afraid of me, most run away as I come walking towards them. Merchats, artisians and such.

What can I do to make them not scared of me?

Additional details - 6 years ago

I bought them, the ones I changed near liked me, but thats about it. People are still like. "AHHHH, I DON't WANT TO DIE!!" and the shop keepers give me a good discount.

Accepted Answer

From: Attelocin 6 years ago

Make them laugh. I had Fear discounts everywhere until I made everybody start laughing to get a couple of gifts.

I think that Humor and Fear are the two opposites. But being pure and good help, too.

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Improve attractiveness, and purity. Wear pretty clothes. Nobles clothes makes pretty much everyone like you.

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