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Good investment? 5000?

Has anyone agreed to invest the 5,000 in that guy in the city where the Crucible takes place? If,so,would you recommend doing it or not?

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DerSempmeistr answered:

I only received 15,000 gold, but it still tripled my investment.
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sir-gamesalot answered:

I gave him the 5000 its a good investment the whole city changes when u get back from geting the will hero from that tower thing and there r more shops and he gives u your money back and then some.
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Attelocin answered:

Basically, it's this easy.

Do it.
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dracodvana answered:

5,000 dollars will give you back 25,000 and make the town really nice. GO FOR IT.
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KuroHo answered:

I did it, I haven't gone into the spire yet, so I don't know how it'll go.
Then again I don't really need the money, as is, I have over 1 mil gold, and I don't have anything else to buy :( I bought all known properties and the shops just keep restocking so I don't really need to buy all of that, but I do keep buying furniture and potions for experience.
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chinocholo answered:

I don't think you get 25k because event he guide says 15. maybe you were lucky though, or went further in your quests till you were old.
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mikebramwell answered:

dracodvana is wrong, you only receive 15,000 gold. I've done EVERY quest in the game I could before investing in the town and only received 15,000 gold.

To answer your question, do it. It's a worthwhile investment and it will completely change the town of Westcliff.
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masako333 answered:

Just do it, thats what I would have said, But everyone else gave it away
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yesnowhy answered:

Make sure your see the guy again before you confront Reaver after the shadow court quest (you'll see why) other wise you won't be able to collect your 15,000 gold from him. I made this mistake on my first playthrough...
The change in the Westcliff is worth it though...
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Maxameano answered:

Invest it's the best choice you could make because he way more then pays you back.
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Jolly_Green answered:

INVEST! Whole new town after The Spire. Plus gives you triple your money. Donate $5000, get back $15,000 and a nice sized town to play in. Good choice.
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