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How many Archealogist quests are there?

I just got the one from Brightwood.
How many more?

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phish3r answered:

*******************Sort of spoilers *****************

can't remember what number 3 was.

Archaeologist Quest
1. Old Bowerstone
2. rookridge - Shadow Temple
4. oakfield - Temple of Light
5. Gypsy town
6. Brightwood tower
7. Bandit Coast - west cliff road
8. west cliff - the west cliff camp
9. Rookridge - the hobbe cave - leave cave, go to water, turn right, swim to beach, follow trail to gemstone grotto
10. Wraithmarsh - the drowned farm
11. Bloodstone - the waterfront
12. Guild Cave - chamber of fate (turn around)
13. Bloodstone - Reaver's Rear Passage

and for those that don't know, you CAN do these if you don't pick the middle card. If you know what i mean.
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zeldaboy7 answered:

You have 12 more to go. there are 13 in all.
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