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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get my dog back to life??

I heard when you but the knothole island content your dog can come back to life where do i go and how do i do it

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From: Gimli1357 5 years ago

Hay, when you first enter Knothole Island and follow the thin path up to the town, turn left, there should be a big tomb thing beside it should be a sign ( Note: the sign only appears to those who don't have there furry friend.) you can read the sign if you want or just get a person ( NPC ) to follow you to the tomb, the door should open and they should walk into it ( It may take a few seconds ) the person will be zapped right before the door closes, when it opens back up your dog should be waiting inside, have fun : -D. ( Note: I did this with a good person and it had NO affect on his moral! )

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the only way i know how to bring your dog back to life is after you beat the final main quest there is a choice for a wish that brings back your sister and your dog... I hope that helps you

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