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Best/quickest ways to get rich?

Any suggestions? I'm open to any.

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insaneclownkid2 answered:

kinda of cheap but i know a way if you dont wanna cheat dont read anymore ok get as many profitable houses and stores as u can then since now you should be gettin a couple hundred gold every 5 mins (jack the prices up to 100%) then save and go to your box dash and turn you clock forward as much as possable and then restart your xbox and load up your game and you should get tons NOTE:: YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE if anyone finds out how you do it more then that let me know thank you
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unsoundisland answered:

bartender, blacksmith and woodcutting pay the best. Successful pours completed blades in chains multiply your gold output. take some time and asore thumb, but I think those are easiest
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sir-gamesalot answered:

Buy the cheapest stores like the ones on the bridge in bowerstone market and buy and rent out the cart houses were u started as an adult become a slum lord.
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habby191 answered:

To do it more then once all you have to do is sign back into xbox live and it will reset the date back to 2008 in the game then save then log back out and change the date again to 2024.

p.s i have over 10million gold lol i make 2.5 million every time i do this
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zdog91 answered:

The best way to make gold w/o being cheap and using the clock method is trading. All you do is get as much gold you can, wait for the blacksmith to have a sale then either wait for the sale to end or go to another blacksmith and sell the items. It usually lands you 20-50% return on your money depending on the sale. It also helps to own the blacksmith you are buying from.
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Alxnder answered:

Would doing the clock method negate The Hero of Abilon acheviement?
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Alxnder answered:

im sorry the Ruler of Abilon
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mikebramwell answered:

No, so long as you own the entire town and Fairfax castle you'll unlock the achievement.
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coyzmann answered:

This trick is not cheating, its done by manipulating following in-game feature :
- in any store/stall/vendor, selling and buying item has the same price
- buying and selling stall/vendor has the same price (no price drop)
- by becoming the owner of the shop, you get 39% discount
Preparation for maxing this trick: During childhood time, give wanted warrant to sheriff
This trick can be done when you visit Bowerstone for the first time
First. You must get money at least 10-15k G, by playing job minigames
Second. Go to Bowerstone Old Town (notice that you get 50% discount in every stall because you give warrant to sherriff earlier), go to gift vendor, buy every gems you can (diamond, emerald and amethyst) available and don't forget to save approx 6500 G in your cash.
Third. Go to Bowerstone Market, look for jewelery stall near central plaza
Fourth. Sell all of your gems here (in my game, this store had shortage of supply, so the price is +50%, if it doesn't happens in your game, its okay, it still worked, it just takes longer)
Fifth. Switch to property info on the left on the stall, then buy the jewelery stall
Sixth. Switch again to the seller. Buy all the gems you sell earlier (notice that you buy at lower price than selling price)
Seventh. Switch to property info, then sell the jewelery stall
Repeat and rinse step 4-7 until you satisfied
Eighth. Buy every business in Bowerstone, then wait your investment to cash in, and you don't have to worry about money anymore
note : I managed to get 1,000K G in 2 in-game-days, with only 3 diamond, 2 emerald and 7 amethyst and get approx 5.000 G every 5 minutes, and I'm still in early stages of the game (I'm not even left Oakfield yet)
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Jolly_Green answered:

The best way to make money is to buy as many of the larger buildings as soon as possible and then leave your Xbox on overnight (make sure auto shutdown is off) the game gives you some money while it's off, but leaving it on will give you money every five minutes. I left it on while I was at school. Started with $3000 after buying Bowerstone blacksmith, furniture, and bar. Came home and turned on the TV to see I had $327,000. No effort, tons of money.
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chili_and_rice answered:

if you lack the money for more estates, wait for a sale, buy loads of the most expensive weapon, and resell it at fairfax
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Flood_King answered:

Do the unlimited money glitch
1st U set your clock on your x box to 1 1 2005
2nd Turn on your fable buy lots of shops
3rd When in the shop then save and quit
4th In the menu screen go to dasboard
5th Go to clock again to 12 31 2025
6th Start game again
7th Wait til on top of should apear alot of money
8th Just keep reepeting the proses
My money is 60 000
Cause i already baught The temple of ligh
Fairfax castle
And garth tower
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SquirrellyDoom answered:

If you have the startup money for it, another easy way to just about double your money is to make the blacksmith in bowerstone and oldtown love you, then buy up all the weapons in oldtown and sell them to the blacksmith in the town market. For the best deals, wait for a sale in oldtown and a shortage in bowerstone, but it's not necessary. The difference in economy, whether oldtown is a slum or not, makes it a lucrative trade. I would do this, go to the inn and sleep all day, do it the next day again, and so on and so forth. Made a lot of money fast.
And start with some big property, not the small stalls like some other posters say. I've done it both ways, and though it takes longer to get the startup money to buy something big (like the bar), the return is way better. I wound up being able to buy all the buyable property after playing for less than a (real life) day and without having to jack up the prices/rent on anything.
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