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How do you improve purity level?

I want to get the acheivement for getting 100% purity but I don't know how to get it. I tried to drink the water but it didn't help. How do I do it?

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Attelocin answered:

Oh, man. Couldn't be easier. If you have properties and shops, lower the rent and prices by a fair amount. Lots of tofu and veggies helps, too. Don't eat meat, don't kill people, and try to avoid getting fat.
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Spark_II answered:

An easy way to do it is to eat Tofu. Lots of tofu.
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talydog answered:

Well i know if you play the lute you gain a small amount of purity
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chinocholo answered:

Buy houses in Bower Lake, lower prices by like 50% then buy shops in the Market and Rise them by 25% to get purity and money.
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misterj96 answered:

The easiest way is to lower the rent on you houses and prices in the shops you own by 60%. On the flip side if you need to become corrupt (which you have to to get through the Demon Door in Westcliff), raise your rent and prices by 100%.
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uber_serial answered:

Praising and punishing your dog affects purity. Sleeping makes you corrupt. Tofu & other organic foods grant purity whereas meat products provide corruption. Lowering rent as low as you can and waiting about 15 turns (every 5 minutes counts as a turn) will make you pure.
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uber_serial answered:

P.S. the lute gives you 1 good point for each person who sees you play it, not purity.
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Chapio2305 answered:

The easiest way to get purity is to eat fruit and vegetables, not meat, lower the rent on all houses that you have purchased to -100% ( p.s. you dont gain any money by doing this but you get colosal amounts of purity) and dont kill anyone, simple!
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